To make use of my creativity to design websites for under-served individuals, businesses of one, very small businesses, and starving musicians and artists who would benefit from having a web-presence. I would draw on my many years of  photographic, design, writing, and audio skills and experiences as are described below.


Spring 2014- Certificate in Web Design from Hunter College. This included training in the Adobe suite of software consisting of Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Muse.  Additionally, I received training in HTML and CSS, the underpinnings of the World Wide Web.

In Prehistoric Times (the 1970’s) I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communications and TV-Radio (not necessarily the wisest choice I could have made) with a strong minor in English after attending Brooklyn and Lehman Colleges.  In addition to the standard requirements, I studied Photography with a strong emphasis in darkroom work.  This has served me well in my Photoshop work.


For 35 years, I was a Newspaper Printing Pressman for the New York Times.  It was a career that taught me all aspects of the production side of publishing from operations to maintenance including the plate-making process, the printing layout system (different from page layout), the inking systems, and a great deal about the characteristics of paper.

Starting in 1993, we printed the Times in color.  As a result, I am experienced in using the CMYK ink system and the process of making colors match an image on the computer screen using the RGB viewing system. I discovered the problems of achieving and maintaining register, the alignment of the colors, while printing newspapers at extremely high speeds, and the resulting pitfalls of using composite coloring for black text.  I learned to use the proprietary computer systems necessary to perform those tasks.

As a member of, and sometime official in, The Pressman’s Union (Local 2) I gained experience working with both sides of a problem to finding workable solutions, and helping my fellow members through both professional and personal issues.

As a Pressman, I provided training to new members both on the fly and by writing manuals.  This involved training during production in a way that would not disrupt the operations.

As a photographer in the pressroom, I learned a good deal about industrial photography, safety photography, and Event Photography.`

This past year, in conjunction with my training, I have created two websites in addition to this: one for a jewelry maker, and one for an author / percussionist / photographer / educator.


I have been a 35mm photographer since 1974, and a digital photographer since 2000.  I now use the new Nikon Df. 
I specialize in macro photography, candid portraiture of adults and children, flash-less existing-light photography, performance photography, and Black and White Infrared photography.  I greatly enjoy high resolution panoramic photography. These skills will assist in enhancing your site.

I have been using Adobe Photoshop as my darkroom-on-a-desk since 1993.  I am proficient in correcting and enhancing flawed images, using the computer as a compositional and cropping tool, creating collages, photo restoration and minor manipulation.  Professionally, I also use Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, and the recently released Adobe Muse.  Over the years I have experience in Desktop Publishing and layout.  I have created cards for all occasions in amateur software as well as a series of Photo cards that I’ve had professionally printed. I will be able to draw on this experience to create your unique site.

I am experienced at scanner technology and have both the equipment and knowledge to use scanners effectively for photos and text. I have a complete understanding of the relationship between image size and image resolution and their relationships to web and print outputs. I will be able to create a site that will load quickly, but still look good.

I am a literate writer and speaker.  These skills allow me to do quick and clear copy-writing and copy-editing. As one with strong English skills, I am also able to assist people for whom English is a second language in correcting grammatical errors and clarifying what they are trying to express.  I am equally good at laying out step-by-step instructions once I understand a process. I will be able to help you get your message out whether it's a product, service, or your art.

I am an audio hobbyist with some basic engineering training in one and two channel computer audio-editing with both SoundForge and Fission.  This will allow me to add audio features to websites.

I am a volunteer Graphics Designer of board games for the gaming site GoldToken.com.  Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I have created game boards for over a dozen different games that have been played by thousands of people.  I administer a suite of “Hangman” games and am completely responsible for their various dictionaries. I successfully work with other designers and a wide range of players to enhance the board-playing experience.

I have experience at form design and creation. I created many forms during my years at the NY Times. I have also created an entirely new form from scratch for keeping score in baseball by using and modifying existing methods and concepts. I can use these skills to fulfill your requirements as well.

I am not a coder, but I am computer literate in both Mac and Windows.  If someone is having a problem, I can find a way to fix it or know where to go for help.  I have taught elderly people to use computers and am often called on to solve issues baffling others. I have many peers and resources to call on to help solve problems.

Armed with the above knowledge and skills, I hope to help make your web or photo project unique and successful. I will work closely with you and listen to what you would like to achieve. I will merge my experiences and skills with your needs to make that happen.

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your website or project.

We can be reached at 917-696-5020 between 9 AM and 7 PM Eastern time, Monday through Saturday. At all other times, while we might answer the phone, we'll make an appointment with you for a phone conversation.

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